We Listen deeply to leaders, as well as to those who work up, down and around them as we begin what’s typically a 6-month coaching engagement. We conduct 360-degree interviews to fully understand their context, challenges and what success looks like. In addition, we use the FEBI to identify strong patterns, risk areas, and the patterns  that would support desired shifts.

Our Coaching Brings Leaders to a New Level

We summarize and review all the data with our clients, identify key development areas and a coaching plan with outcomes and measures of success. Our coaching plans generally include leadership practices, as well as physical practices, for sustaining and embodying desired shifts. We foster and check for  progress through monthly scheduled coaching sessions, interim support, and follow-up interviews with key people.

What Makes Our Coaching Different

We help leaders know and work with themselves deeply using the 4 energy patterns of the FEBI. Leaders learn how to use their personality, rather than be stuck in it, and flip out of unproductive coping modes into transformative behaviors.  We help leaders find their greatest capacity.

Coaching creates learning. Great coaching embodies it, expanding  leaders’ capacity and presence.  That’s what  we foster through our energy pattern approach: We help leaders  grow into the enormous capacity we see in them.


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“Prepare to be reflective, self-analytical, challenged and transformed! Ultimately, working with Ginny helped me to see myself from the outside in – and make changes that were impactful to my leadership style, my team’s perform“ance, my personal balance and my effectiveness as an executive. In every instance I knew that she was coaching for me to deliver my best work!”

–Kathy Walker, Managing Director, OpenAir Equity, former EVP, Sprint

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